Halloween 2011

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Arabel, Rachel, Delaney & Olivia before Trick or Treating

Arabel, Delaney, Rachel & Olivia

Cassidy, Rock & Brittany


Luke & Raina

Two Sentence Movie Reviews: Halloween Edition

Three really good films.  5-point scale.  Links to Netflix.


Kill, Baby, Kill (4): This 1966 Mario Bava gem is a creepy, semi-gothic ghost story, that proves Italians did horror as well as westerns.  It made me an instant Fabienne Dali fan.

Black Sunday (4): Another excellent Bava film (1960), with the great Barbara Steele in a double role as a witch and her look-alike descendant.  One of my favorite vintage horror films, with perhaps the most interesting commentary track I’ve ever watched.

Drag Me to Hell (4; unrated version): A new to DVD, supernatural scare-fest that made me jump a lot, even though it doesn’t break any new ground.  It’s the scariest movie I’ve seen since The Strangers, and you’ll never look at goats the same way again.

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Howl-O-Ween 2009

Cassidy, Delaney, Luke, Lucky Dog and their friends Evie, Aiden and Loossee conceived of, designed (with help from the moms) and wore Wizard of Oz costumes for this year’s Howl-O-Ween canine costume contest and dog parade.  They won, for the second year in a row.

Howl-O-Ween 2009
Here’s the story in The Houston Chronicle

Halloween 2007

Halloween was big fun this year.  We went to a block party, and later some friends came over and the kids went trick or treating together.

We carved a jack-o-lantern, baked some pumpkin seeds and are having a pumpkin growing contest.  Delaney and I are a team, Raina and Luke are a team, and Cassidy and all the pets are a team.  Delaney and I are going to win.

Trick or Treat
Cassidy was a witch, and Delaney was Hannah Montana.

Luke was a cowboy.

Everyone had a great time.



We went to the Fenrichs’ tonight for our annual Halloween party. It was raining like cats and dogs for most of the night, but we still managed to do some trick or treating and the kids had a big time.

Raina, putting her pregnant tummy to good use, was a jack-o-lantern. Delaney was Ariel (the mermaid, not Prospero’s ghostly servant, but that would have been cool too). I was a werewolf and Cassidy was a “spooky spirit” (Delaney has Cassidy’s wig on in the photo) Rachael (Cassidy’s pal) was a groovy witch. All of the kids and most of the grown-ups were in full costume atire. We had a great time walking around the neighborhood.

It was a lot of fun.

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Halloween- Not Just Your Father’s Holiday

halloweenThe other night at dinner someone said that Halloween was primarily an American holiday. I didn’t say anything to the contrary because I wasn’t certain, but it turns out that’s not the case.

Here the Wikipedia page for Halloween. Lots of information about the origins and celebration of Halloween.

Here is a site that describes how Halloween in celebrated in other countries.

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Interesting Halloween Site


Old Haunts is a neat web site that includes old photographs of Halloweens long past. Lots of cool stuff.

I wish someone would do a wiki or other collaborative site to compile this sort of thing. I really enjoy looking at vintage stuff about Halloween, Christmas, etc. A few years ago I even bought a couple of 60s era Sears Christmas catalogs off of eBay just to look at all the stuff I used to long for as a kid.

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