It Was All I Could Do

To keep from crying.

I look over his shoulder and he’s got two lines down: ‘Well, it was all that I could do to keep from crying. Sometimes it seemed so useless to remain.’ And I felt kind of goofy so I got up and started jumping up and down on the bed and started playing an imaginary fiddle. I said ‘Steve, oh you’re right, a real weeper.’ I started getting on his case. So we started laughing. And since it was a dressing room for Paul Anka, they had a full bar set up. So me and Goodman took a bunch of different liquors and poured them in the sink with the plug in the sink, and we mixed a special cocktail punch … I said to Stevie, ‘We got to make this a funny song.’

via Saving Country Music, a must-read blog.

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What I Never Knew

I never will forget.

John Prine (1946-2020)

My friend Doc and I used to sing this song at parties back in Nashville in the mid-80’s. We ran into John once or twice around town. We would alway comment how amazing it was to be in the same space as one of our heroes. We’re losing a lot of heroes lately.

More great music at Rancho Radio (on Apple Music).

Better Screenshots on Your Mac

Of course, you could also just hit Command + Shift + 5 in macOS Mojave or later to pull up its screenshot app, which gives you plenty of options for customizing what you’re taking a picture of, where the resulting file will save, and whether you’d like to enable a timer or not.

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I use Command + Shift + 4 multiple times a day. But, somehow, until the other day I did not know about this screenshot app. Very handy!

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Birds and Snakes and Aeroplanes, Part 10

“’We talked about, pretty much this, this is what we talked about. This is what everyone’s talking about. This is what they want to talk about. He gave me his point of view and I fully understand that and we just had a very friendly conversation. Lasted probably 15 minutes. And it was really good. It was really good, really nice, I think it was very much so. I appreciate his calling,”

Well, the telephone is ringing,
and my baby’s on the line
Telephone is ringing,
and my baby is on the line
I’m afraid to even answer
Cause I know what’s on her mind

Birds and Snakes and Aeroplanes, Part 9

This is an ‘absurd situation where every state and every hospital is competing with each other to buy supplies from the private market and the government,’ Kantor said. He compared the situation to ‘a crazy flea market,’ and called it, ‘no way to manage a natural disaster like this.’”

Yeah, you know I try to treat you
Your body right
My doorbell started ringin’ in the morning
It rings all night
Something wrong