Two Sentence Movie Reviews: Halloween Edition

Three really good films.  5-point scale.  Links to Netflix.


Kill, Baby, Kill (4): This 1966 Mario Bava gem is a creepy, semi-gothic ghost story, that proves Italians did horror as well as westerns.  It made me an instant Fabienne Dali fan.

Black Sunday (4): Another excellent Bava film (1960), with the great Barbara Steele in a double role as a witch and her look-alike descendant.  One of my favorite vintage horror films, with perhaps the most interesting commentary track I’ve ever watched.

Drag Me to Hell (4; unrated version): A new to DVD, supernatural scare-fest that made me jump a lot, even though it doesn’t break any new ground.  It’s the scariest movie I’ve seen since The Strangers, and you’ll never look at goats the same way again.

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