Two Minute Movie Review: Lavender (2017)

Lavender (2016)

Last night, while stream surfing, I (unfortunately) came across a movie called Lavender. Here’s my two-minute review.

Title: Lavender
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly
Stars: Abbie CornishDermot Mulroney

Genre: Horror (sort of)

Why I watched it:
Same as before. I like horror and science fiction, and there haven’t been many good new releases lately.  This was not one of them.

Interesting fact:
One of Cassidy’s Webkinz was named Redneval. That’s lavender backwards.

It stared out with a good, creepy vibe.  There was a farm, some nice cinematography.  Then I lost the plot and focused on trying to stay awake.  During the movie, I figured it was a The Girl on a Train thing.  I don’t even know if it was or not.  It was on my TV screen until the end, and I don’t know (or care) how it ended.  There was a flat tire and some jacks.  Somebody said something about cows.  Unless you have insomnia, you can skip this one.

Something I liked about it:
It’s set on a farm.  I love good rural literature.

Something I didn’t like about it::
It was boring.  Really boring.

Rating: ★

Wally’s take:
He slept through the whole thing.

Rotten Tomatoes

Every Night About 2:00 My Love for You Comes Tumbling Down

The Age Of Reason – Reason (1969)

I want to tell all you people
I dropped a penny in the well hoping that you would come back soon
I couldn’t believe what I heard
Fortune teller told me
My love for you was doomed
I hope her reading was wrong
I hope she was wrong ’cause you been gone too long from home
Hey gong gong gong gong gong gong yeah


Somewhere along the way, I picked up The Age of Reason’s 1969 LP, Reason.

I don’t know much about this band,  but according to Second Hand Songs it was a:

Rock band from Virginia featuring Tommy Dildy, Bill Manning, Billy Windsor & Terry Gorka.  Not to be confused with The Age of Reason from the Bronx.

A little Google-fu led to some references to this band (or maybe a related one) as The Reasons Why.  Tommy Dildy seems to be in a current band called The Fabulous Hubcaps.  I’m pretty sure this is the same guy, because his bio page mentions a rare LP and playing in Georgetown in the 60s.  Reason was released by Georgetowne Records.

What I do know is that they did a killer version of Ike Turner‘s rocking standard, I’m Blue.  A whole lot of people did this song, and a whole lot of people did it well.  But no one did it any better than The Age of Reason.

They also covered Bob Dylan’s This Wheel’s on Fire, but not nearly as well.  The rest of the record has some bright spots, but the cover of I’m Blue is by far the best thing on the record.

Star Spangled Eyes

And when the band plays “Hail to the chief,”
They point the cannon at you.

River Whyless, because it’s time for anyone who isn’t complicit in this train-wreck to stand together and make it clear that these racist, misogynist oligarchs who are waging war against our country from the inside aren’t representing us, and they don’t represent America.

I love a good cover. This is a fucking perfect cover. And maybe the most timely video I’ve ever seen. My name is Kent Newsome. I’ve got two awesome daughters, and I approve of this message.

Like always, it will be the women who will lead us out of this mess.