Weekend Mix: 6/5/15


Some hard to find classic rock.


Here are the first lines of all 14 songs.  Recognize any?

Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston.
Sometimes I walk around town looking at faces.
He had a haircut like Martin Van Buren.
Come gather ’round me, people, here’s a story you never heard.
Dear Elaine, what have I done.
We drag our arrows up to the edge of town.
You know you sell yourself too short.
Wasted Words about an old love affair.
Sun through the curtains I gave you a sign.
I want to hold the hand inside you.
You gave your best shot.
Mamma’s in the kitchen rattlin’ pans and the baby cries.
They met one night at a party.
Come on in buddy.

Link, if the embed doesn’t work in feeds, etc.

Blast From Christmas Past: 12/24/05 RanchoCast


Back in the day, I used to do the RanchoCasts, podcasts featuring me talking about various tech related topics and playing good music.  On Christmas Eve 2005, I did one featuring Christmas songs.

Here, for musical and nostalgia purposes, is that RanchoCast from 12/24/05.

It consists of nine mostly off the beaten path Christmas songs.


Rancho Mix, Volume 3 (Alt. Country)

While I am still deeply into Spotify, I also enjoy the ability to roll some mixes that are available to those who stubbornly refuse to sign up.

My current favorite of the mix-tape sites is 8tracks.

Here’s our third mix.  25 great alt. county songs you’ve probably never heard.  Probably the best mix I’ve ever rolled.

Enjoy.  Share.  Tell your friends.

Rancho Mix Volume 3 from newsome on 8tracks.


Rancho Mix Volume 1
Rancho Mix Volume 2