Weekend Mix: 6/5/15


Some hard to find classic rock.


Here are the first lines of all 14 songs.  Recognize any?

Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston.
Sometimes I walk around town looking at faces.
He had a haircut like Martin Van Buren.
Come gather ’round me, people, here’s a story you never heard.
Dear Elaine, what have I done.
We drag our arrows up to the edge of town.
You know you sell yourself too short.
Wasted Words about an old love affair.
Sun through the curtains I gave you a sign.
I want to hold the hand inside you.
You gave your best shot.
Mamma’s in the kitchen rattlin’ pans and the baby cries.
They met one night at a party.
Come on in buddy.

Link, if the embed doesn’t work in feeds, etc.