It Was All I Could Do

To keep from crying.

I look over his shoulder and he’s got two lines down: ‘Well, it was all that I could do to keep from crying. Sometimes it seemed so useless to remain.’ And I felt kind of goofy so I got up and started jumping up and down on the bed and started playing an imaginary fiddle. I said ‘Steve, oh you’re right, a real weeper.’ I started getting on his case. So we started laughing. And since it was a dressing room for Paul Anka, they had a full bar set up. So me and Goodman took a bunch of different liquors and poured them in the sink with the plug in the sink, and we mixed a special cocktail punch … I said to Stevie, ‘We got to make this a funny song.’

via Saving Country Music, a must-read blog.

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What I Never Knew

I never will forget.

John Prine (1946-2020)

My friend Doc and I used to sing this song at parties back in Nashville in the mid-80’s. We ran into John once or twice around town. We would alway comment how amazing it was to be in the same space as one of our heroes. We’re losing a lot of heroes lately.

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As We Stumble and Fall

Take care of yourself, this is your story
Your voice is shakin’ the walls, and they’re crumbling down
But what can I do ‘cept stand here watching you
My fearful eyes are paralyzed with visions of tomorrows swept away

Fanny, from California. In the United States. an American rock band, active in the early 1970s. They were one of the first all-female rock groups to achieve critical and commercial success, including two Billboard top 40 singles

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But Every Word I Spoke

There are those who’d like to change the way I’m living
It seems they just don’t like me the way I am
Tomorrow I may live the way they’re thinkin’
Ah, but tonight I just don’t give a damn

George Jones, in 1975, following his divorce from Tammy Wynette.

Thom Jurek of AllMusic calls the song “the bitterest cut Jones ever recorded.” He claims he wrote it at 3 a.m. in the aftermath of the divorce, and it comes right from the Hank Williams tradition of catharsis songs.

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