Evening Reading: 3/18/2014


Lucky Dog got himself bitten by a snake. We’ve been all over the creek, and in the wilderness lately, working on various projects. He was generally behind me, which proves my uncle was right. First one scares ’em, second one gets bit.

I kid you not, I ported my old landline (via a temporary cell phone) to Google Voice this morning.  And, it goes on life support.  Awesome.

There is nothing surprising about the fact that music sales have stalled. Music sales are over. I have 25,000 (legal and purchased over the decades) songs on a music server at home, and I haven’t listened to a one of them in years. I subscribe to and get all my music from Spotify and Google Music. My kids haven’t bought a full record in years. They use streaming too, and will occasionally buy a single song or two from iTunes.

It’s really cool when human beings do awesome things for each other.

There is nothing short of littering that I detest more than Facebook games. Why does Facebook put two separate games-related links in my sidebar and refuse to let me delete them? Why isn’t there a one-click setting to make every single game related thing disappear forever from my Facebook feed and apps. It’s not like I’m going to wake up one day and feel differently. Yes, I still filter as much game-related content as possible.

10 Innocent Things That Caused Incredible Violence. The 11th would be the last time I asked my kids to agree on where they wanted to go to dinner.

I’m all for rural neighborhood watch groups. We have one. What I really want is an army of heavily armed commandos to hunt down, warn (once) and then commit war crimes on litterers. The amount of littering in rural areas is hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced it.

A year or so ago, I had high hopes for the new Sim City game.  EA ruined it.  It’s too late now to fix it.

Yeah, I know.  But I’d rather panhandle in my golden years than trust the government with anything remotely resembling a national pension.  If states weren’t so busy “subsidizing corporations under the guise of economic development,” all those retirement accounts we fret over would be much smaller.