How to Vastly Improve Your Facebook Experience with Filters and Lists

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9 thoughts on “How to Vastly Improve Your Facebook Experience with Filters and Lists

  1. Facebook isn't the most user friendly application, but it's a great way to keep up with all my friends. Thanks for sharing; these are all good tips on managing Facebook content.

  2. what the recent facebook UI change did that really annoyed me to no end was remove the ability to setup the default view as one of our predefined lists. it used to work so well. i would pop into facebook and see the people i needed to see by default. now i have to get onto facebook, click friends, and then click the list that should have been used as the default view from the beginning.sigh….

  3. I didn't experiment with lists until recently, so I missed that functionality. I wonder why they discontinued it. It seems to me that all of these apps- FB, Twitter, etc-. should let users slice, dice and serve content however they want to.When they don't- another example is the way Twitter makes it easy to follow those who follow you, but harder to tell who doesn't follow you back- I always feel like they are hobbling me for their own benefit.And since these sites need users to make money (assuming that Twitter ever will, which I think is an open question), that seems backwards to me.

  4. Great summary. I knew some of these control mechanisms were supposed to be in there somewhere but hadn't figured out how to access them. Thank you.

  5. I posted on someone’s wall, clicked the filter and selaected for that person only to see, but all out friends can see it anyway. It sucks because I feel I have to be very careful about everything I post. I can’t count on facebook security to do what it claims to do.

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