Sounds of Tech, Beta Version 2

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Here’s Beta Version 2 of Sounds of Tech (SOT) podcast. Tech talk for grownups, with some fantastic music thrown in for good measure. Let’s see how we can use tech to improve our lives, save us money and make us more productive.

Tech topics covered

How I manage my email, calendar and contacts for maximum efficiency, and why I deleted all of my Google contacts.

How to dump your landline, keep your number and save money.

The best, time-saving and awesome Mac app, which is on your Mac, but I bet you never use.

Automation preview (and why you need to catch the next few episodes of SOT).

Hardware mentioned

Yeti Big Blue Microphone

Great songs played

One from Joshua Black Wilkins’ excellent 2005 record Hellbent & Brokenhearted.

One from The Washers’ (from near Houston) 2010 record Devils Name.

One from Big Harp’s 2011 record White Hat.

More in a week.

Here’s the RSS feed.  Here’s the iTunes link.

2 thoughts on “Sounds of Tech, Beta Version 2

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I re-recorded that first segment, and it came out really hot. The rest of it sounds over modulated, but better. I’ll give Levelator a try next time. Maybe we should put the EELS band back together for an episode or two?

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