Evening Reading: 1/17/13

If you’re like my wife, all technology dies at your fingertips.  If you’re like my wife, before your iOS technology dies, you load it to death with all kinds of random photographs and whatnot.  Here’s how to tell when you’ve done that.

The only thing Samsung is going to take on with a new Galaxy tablet is water.  Once more, with feeling:  I will not buy another Android anything unless and until Google addresses the fractured nature of the various versions and the complete uncertainty of the upgrade process.  Actually, I won’t buy one then either, but I wouldn’t be philosophically precluded.

I can’t believe Rhapsody is still around.  Here’s why I would not use their service again.  On the other hand, I am about the dump Sirius XM in favor of all-Spotify all the time.

Two of the best things ever are John Carpenter’s The Thing (one of my top-10 movies, all time) and Battlestar Galactica.  Anything with DNA from both of those would have to be great.

Awesome toys.  I still have some.
Awesome toys. I still have some.

I still have some Super Balls.

Not a great day, for Catholics or Notre Dame fans.

Or Lance Armstrong.  Live updates here.

But let’s not forget this.  In the words of a great American, “Why do you lie!”