Digital Music Update

The other day, when I was discussing the vast and unnecessary limitations that online music sellers place on downloaded music files via DRM, I decided to cancel my Rhapsody subscription because (a) Rhapsody is now owned by RealNetworks, maker of Real Player, that bloated and computer hogging software that I detest, and (b) there is a new version of Rhapsody that allows you to buy DRM infested downloadable music files. Previously, Rhapsody was a burn to CD only service (you ended up with CDs and not DRM infested music files).

Well, when I logged onto Rhapsody to cancel, I was quickly reminded of why I avoid RealNetworks software like the plague. When I finally found the page describing how to cancel your account, I found this little jewel:


So, even though you can sign up, upgrade and buy music online, to cancel you are forced to call a telephone number and speak to someone. And of course the telephone number only works during business hours. I remember having the exact same problem in the past when trying to cancel RealNetworks services.

I’ll call on Tuesday. And I’ll vote with my keyboard and my wallet. No RealNetwork products. Not now, not ever.

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