Evening Reading: 1/9/13

nrpsposterHere’s a little music to brighten your day.  NRPS from 12/31/71.

This article pretty much sums up my Facebook news feed.  I’ve addressed confirmation bias before in the context of global warming.

Speaking of global warming, at this point, denial of climate change is on the same level of absurdity as those kids who said we really weren’t on the moon back in 3rd grade.  Is an extra buck or two in some billionaire’s pocket really worth jacking our planet up at our kids’ expense?  It’s not like kids aren’t screwed enough already.

This guy is right, but for the wrong reason.  Yes, it would matter greatly if Microsoft Office came to iOS.  Because the entire corporate world uses Word and Excel, and nothing else.  But much of that same corporate world fears- and often blocks- the cloud.  So if Microsoft is using Office on iOS as a way to get folks to sign up for its Office on the web service, it will not work.  So if the only meaningful way we will get Office on our iPads is to subscribe to some web service, then Office on the iOS won’t matter.  The question is who does this hurt more- Apple or Microsoft.

Superpod awesomeness (via io9).

Mo Dern Ruins:  inside a Chernobyl hospital.  Some great shots.

Will Truman on guns, death and permanence.  Recall that he wrote the best blog post ever.  I want an update on the middle sister.  My take on guns is here.

This is funny.