Evening Reading: 1/8/13

Awesome show
Awesome show makes an awesome LP cover

If you enjoy television, you surely enjoy Homeland.  If you enjoy Homeland, you’ll dig these jazz record covers.  Really cool art.  This one is my favorite.

I’m completely serious when I tell you that the first season of The Joe Schmo Show was some of the most entertaining TV ever.  They’re launching a new season tonight.  Definitely worth a look.

I’ve asked myself this question many times.  What surprises me even more is that MTV is still alive.

Windows history makes an awesome 3 minute video.  This one is almost 8 minutes.  Still worth a watch.

AllThingsD has a primer on photo sharing, including with those who aren’t on your preferred network.  I will never, ever use Facebook as my photo repository.  Never. Ever.  Google+ is a ghost town if you’re middle-aged and not techno-centrally located, but the platform is pretty robust.  It might make a good photo sharing place.  If you’re a ghost.  I use Flickr and the very elegant WordPress gallery function.  I think I’d like Photo Stream better if I even half way understood it.  Apple needs to have whoever makes those iMovie and iPhoto video tutorials to do a series on Photo Stream.

pastabatmanPeople boggle my mind sometimes.  So there’s this cat, named Pasta Batman.  Someone bails on Pasta Batman, and some nitwit decides to change his name to Whisper.  Whisper, really?  Some relative of some friends of mine did something almost as lame.  They had a cat named after one of the greatest space travelers of all time, and changed it.  I didn’t even ask to what.  I just decided to change our friends’ daughter’s name to Rygel.  I’ve called her that for years.  She answers to it, unlike the renamed cat.