The Possum Posse Hunts Up a Big Batch of Win

A post in which we demonstrate that:

a guy on a buffalo + great music + social networking =  awesomeness.

It all started when I came across these hilarious videos.  Seriously, if you can watch these without howling, dial 911 immediately, because your brain isn’t working right.

I haven’t laughed that hard since that iPhone video.  Straight-up got mauled by a cougar.  Epic.

Being the curious sort, I discover that those videos were made by The Possum Posse, an Austin band, as a way to generate interest in their music, and to finance a record.

That led me to their SoundCloud page, where I discover some fantastic music, including the excellent Pocket Dial.

This is some seriously great music.  Going through this discovery process was reminiscent of the day I stumbled onto the Wrinkle Neck Mules, who remain my all-time favorite alt. country band.

From there, I went back to The Possum Posse’s YouTube page, where I see even more audio video excellence, in the form of a video mashup of another one of their excellent songs and a really old Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Humor in songs, especially humor that doesn’t rise to the level of complete stupidity, is an under-utilized tool, that works.  Remember this song, one of my favorites from last year?

Ultimately, I ended up on The Possum Posse’s Kickstarter page, where they are seeking funds for their next record.  Having just kicked in for my upper case Friend Mary Lou Lord’s (I’ve not met her IRL, but we have mutual musician lower case friends) next record, I gladly pledged a few bucks.

Any time we can reward hilarity, great music and smart marketing, we should do so.  It’s like the anti-Twitter.

And, finally, for an added bonus, here’s the entire Buffalo Rider movie, that helpfully provided the raw materials for the (much better) Guy on a Buffalo videos.

So, I just fixed you up for humor, music and movies. Enjoy.

And support these artists:

The Possum Posse

Mary Lou Lord