All the Dead Horses

Here’s the thing with tablets.  None of them that don’t have an Apple logo on the back are worth a crap.  All of the other OS’s suck, except Android.  And the haphazard way Google and the hardware makers administer (or not) versions and upgrades cripples Android to the point of logical irrelevance.

There are only two possibilities for tablet alternatives.  Amazon, who will subsidize the hardware and probably has enough sense to maintain some control of the versioning process.  And Microsoft, who would be a major player, if it would only get in the game.  My guess is that Microsoft is so busy thinking up stupid names for its non-core applications (and then changing them over and over) that it hasn’t realized there is a tablet space, with the second seat open and available.  Even so, Microsoft will, one way or another, eventually be a player in the tablet game.

Everyone else is just throwing away money, and hoping that consumers will do the same thing.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to read about other entries into this one-horse race.


Take the exciting, if not so new, Maylong M-150.  Somehow I missed the buzz that surely surrounded its release last year.  And I don’t think I’ve seen one in my many trips to the local Walgreen’s, where they are- or were- on sale for $99.00.  Maybe Walgreen’s has dumped them for one of the other dead horses.  But courtesy of a post at Mac Forums today, I had a good laugh.  Take a look at this review by Ars Technica, from last year.  I don’t read Ars Technica because the name sounds too pretentious (like pre-owned cars and whatnot), but if this is how they roll, then I’m in.  Even better, take a look at the follow-up by… wait for it… the Best Buy blog.  Best Buy has a blog?  For real?  That’s sort of like a dinosaur having a Segway.  It reads like it was written by a dinosaur while riding a Segway.

Anyway, based on these reviews, it looks like a Maylong may make you long for the days of DOS.  Somebody could make bank by starting a humorous review site.  I still miss Mirsky’s Worst of the Web.

There’s no competition in the tablet space- yet.  But at least there’s a little humor.

We need more of that.