Has Spotify Achieved Non-Geek Traction?

This post has a soundtrack.  If you don’t have Spotify, for the love of Duane Allman and Jerry Garcia, go sign up.  If you can’t get an invite, and I know or know of you, leave a request in the Comments and I’ll try to round one up for you.

The current Jukebox DeLuxe playlist.

It’s no secret that I really dig Spotify.  It has almost completely replaced all of my other music applications and services.  Including my huge local music collection on my network server.  If I want something Spotify doesn’t have, I add that file to my Spotify library.  Not the other way around.

When Spotify was released, I was certain it was going to roll over the social web like a tidal wave.  I’m not sure that happened.

My Facebook Friends list is a good mix of three kinds of folks.  My high school friends, who are mostly very non-geeky.  My tech writer friends, who are extremely geeky.  And fellow musicians, who are all ranges of geeky, but very interested in music.

Of my 247 Facebook Friends, exactly 14 have signed up for Spotify and enabled the social sharing features.


Of those 14, four had early access to Spotify. Another one of them is my daughter, who begged for an invitation after hearing me rave about it endlessly.  That leaves 9 people who signed up on their own after Spotify officially launched in the U.S.  That’s not many.  Heck, I’ve sent out 5-6 invitations and only my daughter has signed up.

All of this makes me wonder.

As someone who has tried countless music services, I can tell you unequivocally that Spotify is the best music service I have ever used.  I love it, and am happy to pay for a premium account.

But the money is in the non-geek crowd.  Because there are a lot more of them.  And based on my admittedly non-scientific sample, Spotify doesn’t have the non-geek reach I thought it would.

I hope I’m wrong.  Because Spotify rocks.

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