MacAge: Filling the Live Writer Void

I’m almost a week into my all-in Apple era. So far, it’s mostly wonderful. The iLife apps are far better than anything available for Windows- iPhoto alone makes the switch worth it.  Adobe let me switch my Photoshop license to Mac (though they stubbornly insisted on snail mailing me the discs, even though I’ve downloaded my last several Photoshop versions).  The machine is elegant, and my study is much more relaxing without the big, loud HP computer, dual monitors and all the associated hardware.  I understand what people mean when they say that Macs “just work.”

The keyboard is taking some getting used to, after decades of Microsoft ergonomic keyboard use.  The typos are legion, but I’m getting there. I think.

On the other hand, I really love the magic trackpad. I am surprised at how easily I have abandoned my much-beloved Trackball Explorer. Those things are hard to find, and now I have a couple to sell.  Stay tuned as I try to turn all my Windows gear into a family iMac.  Need a scanner, or some new 27″ Dell monitors?  Drop me a line.

Thanks for the memories!

But, boy, do I miss Live Writer. I am mostly OK with the WordPress embedded editor, but I miss the added features and resulting speed of a dedicated blogging app.

So, I’m test-driving some of the scant Mac options. This post is being written in Mars Edit. I can make it work, but it’s a harder than via Live Writer. Maybe it will have the iMovie effect- you know, where something looks really messed up at first, until you suddenly realize how awesome it is. I hope so.

I’ll have more later on my transition, including my dumping of Windows Home Server, largely because of Microsoft’s dumping of Drive Extender, for a Time Capsule. For now, I’m going to see if I can get Mars Edit to connect with my blog so I can post this.

4 thoughts on “MacAge: Filling the Live Writer Void

  1. I have tried for some time to find a suitable replacement for Windows Live Writer for the Mac, and there’s just nothing like it out there. It’s one of the main reasons why I run Windows on my Macs, which is easy to do through virtualization. Parallels 6 is best, but if you want to do it on the cheap, use VirtualBox.

  2. I absolutely may end up installing Parallels- I’ve used it on my Mac Mini.  I’m just giving it a month or so to see what I really need.  I noticed earlier today (maybe everyone else already knows) that MSFT has made some of the Live Essentials apps available for Mac.  I wish they’d port WLW.  If for no other reason than to encourage Mac users to experiment with some of the Live Essentials.

  3. Mars Edit is a good application but for me it’s biggest weakness is how it handles graphics.  Ecto 3 is quirky but has the best graphics capabilities…it will resize, do thumbnails with links to larger photos, and upload thumbnail/photos on the fly as part of the posting process. For my workflow that’s important and has kept me using Ecto 3. But I’m still looking as well.  

  4. Me to! I’ve been through the whole gamut of blog post applications, and for me, I’ve settled on Mars Edit. To re-size graphics I use Skitch and for all the writing I do, I use markdown (easy to learn and totally portable, Mars Edit even has a preview mode from Markdown).

    Hope this helps.

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