The Mac Age

I warned you.

And now, it has happened.


Look for a slew of posts as a guy who started on a Mac in the 80s and moved to Windows in the 90s re-enters the Mac Age.

6 thoughts on “The Mac Age

  1. Nice…is that a 27 incher? and what do you make of the keyboard? I’ve always wondered if the Mac keyboards, really, really work for someone doing hard core text work. (though, of course, there are hundred of thousands of folks using them everyday). Just seems a long way from the nice old clicky IBM selectric, man.

  2. I should mention that I’m bitterly jealous. Damn that setup looks good. Just the lack of cables is worth the price.

  3. Yes, it’s the 27″.  I really like it.  The keyboard is the hardest thing to adapt to.  I got the bigger one, just so it would seem less different, but it is different.  I don’t miss the clicks, but I definitely miss the larger size and ergonomic shape of my Windows keyboard.  I’m hoping I’ll get used to it.

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