Calling All Web Design Gurus: Colors Behaving Badly

I have beat my brain silly trying to figure out why the header on this blog looks normal in Chrome and Explorer.


And messed up in Firefox (note the different colors of red).


I’d be forever grateful if someone could point me to a solution.

5 thoughts on “Calling All Web Design Gurus: Colors Behaving Badly

  1. ? The header on top of your blog looks just fine in Firefox for me? I’m on a Dell XPS 420 with Windows Vista Home Premium, using an ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro graphics adapter.

  2. It’s off a little in Safari (on windows 7) too. IE, Firefox and Chrome all look fine to me. I would try a png with a transparent background.

  3. It looks fine in Firefox at my office, but looks bad on Firefox at home. It’s a jpg created in Photoshop, with a #900000 background color. I have the header background set the same in my WP theme.

    I would think it’s a hardware (monitor or card) thing, if it didn’t look weird at home in Firefox but not the others.

    I’ll try a transparent png and see if that helps.

    Thanks all.

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