Is iTunes an Unreliable Alternative TV Show Provider?

It looks like my plan to dump satellite and cable TV and give Apple all of my money has hit a snag. For that to happen,  iTunes would have to be very reliable in getting TV shows up and into the iTunes Store.

Based on my experience so far, that ain’t the case.  I bought a season pass to Big Brother 12.   The double elimination episode (Episode #22) aired on Thursday night.  It’s Sunday afternoon, and it’s nowhere to be found on iTunes.



There’s another episode on tonight.

I’m not the only person who’s noticed this.


My thoughts exactly.

3 thoughts on “Is iTunes an Unreliable Alternative TV Show Provider?

  1. Thank you. I am s pissed. It now 9pm Sunday night and I still don’t have thursday’s show…

  2. There are a bunch more now…it’s really frustrating because there really isn’t any other recourse, is there?

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