GoodSongs: The Dark Horses

I’ve said about nineteen times that A Truer Sound is the best music blog on the planet.  Once again Matt shows why by uncovering some excellent music that had somehow escaped my attention.

I wonder about a lot of things.  I wonder if I’m right that Lane is secretly Brittany’s fiance (if so he is a lucky dude, because she is smoking and hilarious).  I wonder if Spotify is just some big inside joke being played on U.S. music fans.  I wonder about all the (supposedly) grownups who seem to spend all day and night trying to convince us that internet science projects are actually billion dollar companies.  I wonder how a web site in 2010 can be as ugly as Myspace.

But more than that, I wonder how it took me eight years to hear about the excellent alternative country band The Dark Horses (see what I mean about Myspace).  I wonder why in the world a band that good split up, back in 2007.

I’m thankful that I read A Truer Sound, so I didn’t completely miss this excellent band.  Here’s the song that caused me to immediately search for, find and buy the only two records I can find by The Dark Horses.


The Dark Horses – (I Pity) The Poor Bastard.

From the excellent 2005 self-titled record (Purchase @ Amazon).  Awesome, excellent sound.

This record is consistently great.  No fillers, and no weak songs.  It reminds me a little of one of my favorite records of all time, Drag the River’s Live at the Starlight.  I bet The Dark Horses rocked live.  Hopefully one of the band members will find this post and hook me up with some live stuff (hint, hint).


While I like the other record a little better, Come Along is also a great record.

The Dark Horses – The Fine Line.

From the excellent above mentioned 2002 record (Purchase @ Amazon).

According to their visually horrifying but musically wonderful Myspace page, The Dark Horses consisted of J.D Hughes (vocals, drums), Sam Park (vocals, guitar), Erik Kristiansen (guitar) and Kevin Keller (bass).

There’s not much information out there about The Dark Horses.  Here’s a short interview with Sam Park.  Looks like they came out of New York City, just like another of my favorite alt. country bands.

If you like good music, and particularly if you dig great alt. country, go buy these records.  I did, and I’ve been playing them non-stop.