Blog from Your Browser with ScribeFire

In my stop and start journey towards cross-platform utopia, I am experimenting with ScribeFire, a Firefox, Chrome and Safari add-on that promises to let you blog away from the comfort of your web browser.

I like the layout.  I can’t get the image upload or Live Preview functions to work (one down; the image upload seems to work).  This may be a firewall problem.  It doesn’t have the best feature about my beloved Live Writer: the ability to paste an image directly into a blog post and have that image uploaded when you publish (that feature alone saves me scads of time when I use Live Writer).

It does allow you to insert images from Flickr, but I don’t see a way to log into your account.  When I searched under my name, it found three photos.  One of an anole (that’s a “n”).  I’d prefer a way to pick and choose from my photos.

What an anole

I like the idea, but I think the firewall and the photo thing are going to be may be the deal-stoppers for me.  If I could get Live Preview to work, and figure out some better way to access photos, we might have a contender.