How to Make Widescreen, HD, YouTube Ready Videos in Corel VideoStudio

I’ve used VideoStudio Pro to make my videos, going back to the Ulead Systems years and continuing after it was, sadly, bought by Corel.  Corel hasn’t screwed up the application- yet, so it is still a robust, easy to use video editing and creation application.  But creating a widescreen, high definition video for use on YouTube can be a little confusing.

Here’s a step by step.

After you get your video, audio, titles, etc. in the timeline the way you want them, here are the steps

1. File>Project Properties:


Be sure you have selected MPEG Files in the file format box shown above.  Then click the Edit button.


Under the Corel VideoStudio tab, deselect (i.e., no check in the box) “Perform non-square pixel rendering” as shown above.


Under the Compression tab, select MPEG-2 and set the Quality at around 40%, as shown above.


Under the General tab, select 1280×720 as shown above.

Click OK to get back to the application window.


Ignore any cache warnings or notices.

2. The Share Tab:

Click on “Create Video File” and select “Same as Project Settings.”  Name and save your video.  The application will render your video in widescreen HD.


When it’s done, you’re ready to upload your creation to YouTube.  Note that it takes a while for YouTube to process the video after it is uploaded, even after it is viewable.  The video quality will improve when the processing is complete.

Here’s the result of the project I used as a test case for this post.

Thanks to assasin301 for creating an excellent video tutorial, which taught me the steps I showed you above.