Grateful Dead: 1/31/70, New Orleans


One of my favorite vintage Dead shows.

@Archive.Org (I can’t get the embeddable player to work)


Disc 1
(electric set)

1. Cold Rain & Snow
2. Mama Tried
3. Stage Banter
4. Dire Wolf
5. Big Boss Man
6. Morning Dew
7. Mason’s Children
8. Me & My Uncle
9. Hard To Handle

Disc 2
(acoustic set)

1. Stage Banter
2. Long Black Limousine
3. Seasons Of My Heart
4. Saw Mill
5. Bound In Memories
6. The Race Is On
7. Black Peter
8. Little Sadie
9. I’ve Been All Around This World
10. Katie Mae
11. Cumberland Blues


The Dead performed at The Warehouse for two nights. On January 31, 1970, the local police raided their hotel on Bourbon Street and arrested and charged a total of 19 people with possession of various drugs.  This event was later memorialized in the lyrics of the song Truckin’.

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