More on iPods

Dave Winer’s arguments against AppleTV are very similar to mine against the iPod. Why does Apple get a pass when it tries to control our audio, and now video, experience? Everything about the iPod is designed to force you to use iTunes as a gateway to your music. And to sell some downloads, of course. If Microsoft did something like this, all the Apple heads would scream bloody murder.

I’m not saying Microsoft wouldn’t have done it if it had the chance. I’m just saying.

On a similar note, why does Google get a pass when it tries to control our entire internet experience?

Back to iPods: Michael Walsh points me to his Digital Rights Manifesto, which I generally agree with, except that I will not accept any form of embedded DRM. Now that I can get DRM-free downloads from Amazon, I am buying much more music than I was in the less immediate CD format.

Michael also pointed me to this very timely comic.

Speaking of what goes around comes back around, get ready for the next big thing: wireless TV!

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