Evening Reading: 1/18/08

Some good stuff tonight…

Here’s a different kind of alternative dispute resolution.  It’s much cooler than arbitration.  I once agreed (with the client’s consent) to settle a major business point in a large acquisition by flipping a coin.  We won.

Speaking of legal mumbo jumbo, this might be the most incorrect ruling ever.  As mentioned in the update, however, when something sounds this idiotic, there is often more to the story than we know.

Bonus (and hopefully last ever) legal tidbit: plaintiff’s lawyers everywhere are lamenting the fact that, as unbelievable as it may sound, monkeys and chimps can’t bring lawsuits.  Not even these monkeys.  Trying to rescue them.  Right.

The people who make Jericho are clueful.  They filmed two endings, in case they don’t get a third season.  Stuff like this makes me want to lift my ban on new network television shows.

Here’s a way to add public holidays to Outlook.  Now if they’d just figure out birthdays, we’d be all set.

All songwriters write songs about chicks.  Some of us actually tell the chicks about them.  Then there’s Ryan Adams.  He later took the video down, saying “I removed the videos ‘Sad Days’ and ‘Jessica’ because it is really just hard enough as it is. Good Luck, Jr. in your future.”  Personally, I think it’s cool he lays it out there like that.

Calling all entomologists.  Here are the 5 most horrifying bugs.

Here’s a nifty list of 200 free online classes.  I bet if you learned all that stuff, you could make a living from it.  Or you could just panhandle.

I recently dumped Bloglines.  Holoscan is next.  It makes my pages load slow.  Preview of things to come:  I am about to issue an RFP to recreate my blog in a WordPress template and move all of my current content over.  Get your pencils ready.  All page post links must be preserved.

Frank Paynter has a really interesting post about…well…I’m not really sure.  Fake babies, abortion, hippies, the Grateful Dead and Jean and Edna Ritchie all play a part.  I have no earthly idea who or what Firenze Ghia is.  But it’s a good read.  If Jerry Garcia was alive, he would make a great blogger.

I love it when people scam the scammers.  This is funny.

Star Trek is now on Joost.  That’s pretty cool.

For the three people who care:  the Crunchies winners have been announced.  One guess what won best of show.

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