Evening Reading: 1/20/08

Lifehacker points to 4 ways to make your family rules stick. I need to call a family meeting right away to apply these.

Who needs Roy Jones and Felix Trinidad when you can watch Louis Gray vs Mashable. So far, I’d say Louis is winning convincingly.

JkOnThe Run takes a look at Amazon’s Kindle. I’m mildly interested in the Kindle, but I’m not about to pay $400 for something unless I know I will dig it. Based on this review and my increasing far-sightedness, I’m thinking the lack of a back light is a deal stopper. Somebody must like them, however, since Amazon is currently sold out.

Brad Kellett takes a look at Office 2008. It’s Mac only. Sort of like Earl 🙂

The butcher is dead. Long live the butcher.

I wrote the other day about my issues with PETA- that when you become so extreme in your position, you lose the ability to convince the undecided and actually have a negative effect your cause. Now, PETA says smiling chimpanzees in CDW ads are not OK. Maybe CDW should use macaques instead. I’m all about animal rights, but give me a break.

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