Evening Reading: 11/12/07

Amy Gahran rediscovers Twitter.  I run hot and cold on Twitter, but one thing I do not like is when people use it largely or solely merely to point to their blog posts.  I find that spam-like.

Cool New Blog Alert: Jeff Balke is now doing a blog for the Houston Chronicle about the music industry, from a musician’s perspective.

Mike Arrington seems to be once again in midtantrum, this time punishing us all by canceling all his speaking engagements.  Let’s take a brief reality check.  I speak at 10-20 real-world conferences a year.  I was introduced recently as the “best ethics speaker in America” (I don’t think I’m even close, but nonetheless that’s what the moderator said).  In other words, I have a lot of conference experience- both the getting booked part, the saying no thanks part and the showing up part.  Never once has there been any confusion between me and a conference organizer as to whether I was or was not going to speak.  On one hand, I don’t think conference organizers can rightfully assume that someone has agreed to speak based on some email “maybes.”  On the other hand I find the “I don’t read my email” excuse to be ludicrous on its face.

Bloglines is really slow lately.  Lots and lots of URL freeze with lifetimes spent “waiting for http://www.bloglines.com…”  I guess I am going to have to capitulate to the inevitability of Google Reader.

I’m further into Endymion now.  I was premature in my criticism.  It’s very good.

The most unintentionally hilarious post title of all time.

Ars Technica (I always want to scream Battlestar Galactica over and over every time I see that) has the top Windows 7 feature requests.  I didn’t see “dump UAC” on the list.  Too bad.

Mario Sundar has clips from the fake Steve Jobs deal.  Guy thinks he was awesome and offers outsiders joke support on the inside jokes.

A Calorie Counter has comparisons of nutrition facts for fast food restaurants.  Scary.

Some funny quotes from our President.  My favorite: “For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal shootings.  And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It’s just unacceptable. And we’re going to do something about it.”

Someone please invite Dave Winer to Davos, whatever the heck that is, so he can stop fishing for an invitation and continue being fame-averse in peace.

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