Evening Reading: 11/13/07

I have many Pownce invitations.  If anyone wants one, leave a comment.

The (formerly) Walled Street Journal is going to stop charging for its online content.  The WSJ has enough mindshare in the financial and business news arena that the advertising model will probably work.  Having said that, I don’t see why the same sort of analysis shouldn’t apply to the print version- at least to the extent required to permit a significant reduction in the print subscription cost.  Jeff Jarvis has some interesting thoughts.

Looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping?  Here are the 25 most baffling toys from around the world.

Mashable asks the perfectly rhetorical question.  Isn’t that sort of like asking which one of the Victoria’s Secret models is the prettiest?

Dwight has the scoop on the new Zunes.  PC Magazine says they’re more fun than iPods.  Maybe, but nobody cares.

In the interest of being fair, Bloglines is much faster today.

Sandy, which happens to also be the name of my secretary, is your personal email assistant.  It looks promising.

I just love it when the app de jour starts to redefine the future of the world.  The same world that is populated with people, 97% of whom have never heard of said app de jour.  Personally, I think the future will be modeled on the iPhone.  Or maybe on a Kit Kat.

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