The Giants of San Francisco

So I went on my first photo-walk the other night.  As I mentioned earlier, it was fun.  Now that I’m back on my computer where I can actually get Live Writer to work (and thus avoid having to write posts via the Blogger interface), here are a few more impressions.  As mentioned, everyone was nice and very willing to give me photography advice, which, having seen some of the photos taken by other participants, I clearly need.

Dave Sifry is a cool guy, much as I would have expected.  I enjoyed hanging out with him.  He’s also a heck of a photographer.  I was right beside him when he took this photo.  Suffice it to say that the ones I took don’t look anything like that.

I don’t think Thomas Hawk had the slightest idea who I was, even though I thought we knew each other a little from cross blogging, etc.  I thought I might get a little run for coming all the way from Texas and all.  He did give me some good night photography tips, and he did a great job of leading us to interesting shooting opportunities and to a good dinner.  His wife is very nice, and I enjoyed talking with her at dinner.

Robert Scoble was also cool, and did remember me from last year’s Web 2.0 deal, blogging, etc.  His producer, Rocky, was probably the most interesting guy in attendance.  I really enjoyed talking with him.  He told me some great stories, but he left out that he is a guitar player.


Fresh from my photo-walk, I went down to Mountain View Tuesday night to see Guy Kawasaki interview Dan Lyons, the fake Steve Jobs.  Dan comes across as a humble, thoughtful and funny guy.  I didn’t read his blog previously, but I have subscribed now.  I briefly met Guy, who didn’t seem to know who I was either, even though he has sparred with me on this blog a few times.  He didn’t seem too interested in chatting, so I just shook his hand and moved on.

Brad Stone, who outed Dan as the man behind the fake Steve Jobs blog, was also in attendance and described the process that led him to conclude Dan was the fake Steve Jobs.  All in all, it was an interesting conversation.

They took questions, both good and bad, from the audience and answered a few that were submitted via email.  Some of the questions were interesting.  Some of them painful.  Most were somewhere in between.

It is a very expensive cab ride from downtown San Francisco to Mountain View, so I don’t know if I’d make the trip again.  I did get to meet a few blogging pals in person, so that was an added bonus.

It was sheer coincidence that I was speaking at a conference in San Francisco on the day in between these two events.  I’m glad I took the time to attend them both.

Even if I’m not certain I’d do it again.