The Gillmor Gang Rides Again?

I’m not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats.
I’m not looking for the secret to life…
I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.

– Frank Sinatra

Steve Gillmor writes that he is about to launch a new show (which I interpret as a podcast) called Bad Sinatra.  It looks like this is the web site.  I wonder if the name was in any way inspired by the hilarious, and completely kid-unfriendly, movie Bad Santa?

bsinatra Steve (hopefully with Doc Searls) doing a podcast is very good news and I look forward to hearing Steve and his guests talk about whatever they choose to talk about.  It got a little weird near the end, but discovering the Gillmor Gang podcast was the online equivalent of a before and after experience.  Some of the conversation on that show was as witty, intelligent and entertaining as a podcast can be.  I realize, as someone who created and then abandoned a podcast, that the reach of a podcast is an open question, but suffice it to say that when it was good, the Gillmor Gang set a podcast standard that hasn’t been matched since.  And I continue to wonder why no one else has tried a similar format in Texas or other locales.

I’m looking forward to Bad Sinatra.  Now if we can get Steve to blog a little more.

So we can read more of his thoughts on the whole social networking mess that we’ve been wrestling with.  Spot on thoughts like this:

[W]e all make contributions to the state of mind we call this social network of ours. You can call it attention, or intention, or VRM, or Twitter, or whatever.  But it still represents our hope to make some difference, to leave a footprint in the cement out in front of the theatre of our lives. We take it a lot more seriously than we let on, but like high school we pretend that it doesn’t hurt when we’re insulted, passed by, snickered at, or worst of all, not noticed.

And this:

The politics of personality swamp us with messages that need to be triaged much like we used to parse advertising.  Is this the program wrapped in signals or signals disguised as programming?  Yes.  It’s an ugly space we’re in, and nobody holds the high ground. We’re all selling something, and of course it’s ourselves.

Yep, I’m looking forward to Bad Sinatra.

As an aside, I found the iPhonomics and podosphere domain stuff Steve wrote about interesting.  I remember when Stowe Boyd auctioned off the domain name on eBay last year.  He got a whopping $103 for it.  Not much has happened with it since.

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