Evening Reading: 7/8/07

Richard MacManus on how to turn a blog into a career.  Kent Newsome on how to make a small fortune in the blogosphere: “Start with a large fortune.”

I love me some Mashable, but Pete Cashmore seems to be calling for more serious articles about serious tech and less blogospats about who did what to whom.  Where’s the fun in that?

Consumerist says it caught a Geek Squad technician stealing data from a customer’s computer.

I can’t even decipher what this means, but I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with it.  I’m also pretty sure there’s a finger pointing pot in there somewhere.

Pramit Singh has some good thoughts on citizen journalism.

Chip Camden gives us a preview of Web 9.0.  There are sites today, Zooomr being one of them, that I would love to use, but can’t log in.  And Chip is right- it’s only going to get worse.

D’Arcy Norman on owning your contentAmen.

Dan Santow has some more good grammar tips.  I often get the titled/entitled thing wrong.

Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog.  I’m getting mine (maybe) via his blog-tipping series.

I vote for lima beans, which we call butter beans.  Great blues song too.  Hey Frank, who is that?

I’m still not feeling the cats, but this made me laugh out loud (as opposed to cringe).

Psychology Today has a list of 10 Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature.

Earl Moore has 10 really good tips for connecting with others, both online and off.  This is a must read.

That sinking feeling: I currently have a RAID 0 configuration, but I’m not sure I’d do it again.  I’d probably use RAID 1 for my data and a separate, regular hard drive for my OS.

Couldn’t do the Presidents?  How about the states?  I get hopelessly lost on the New England states. (via Rob Gale)

Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana (that’s one of Townes Van Zandt’s old jokes).  Here’s how to get rid of them with a soda bottle trap.

Liz Strauss on compliments and apologies.  I spoke with Liz the other night as a part of her BAD blogger series.  She’s a smart and thoughtful person and a very good writer.

Dwight says the first beta for Vista SP1 will be out next week.  If they’d just fix the jacked up way Vista deals with the importation and review of digital photos, I’d be happy.  I find Windows Photo Gallery to be virtually unusable, mainly because it seems to advance through photos by eights (from 12 to 20 to 28, etc.) and I have seen entire civilizations rise and fall in the time it takes to move a large set of photos from a flash card to my hard drive.

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