Evening Reading: 7/9/07

Blender has 100 days that changed music.  Like all of these lists, it’s very biased towards the present, but it’s an interesting read.  I can’t believe Justin and Britney splitting is number 12.  Are you kidding me?

Now you can post to Twitter and Pownce at the same time.  I’m not sure why I’d ever want to do that, but I’ll sleep better tonight knowing it’s possible.  If someone wants to do something useful, figure out a way to associate a Box.net account with a Pownce account, so you can automatically save files sent to you via Pownce.

Dave Wallace has the best post I’ve ever read on technology access, with emphasis on access by people with disabilities.

Micahville has a list of 69 tech sites that don’t suck.  Many thanks for including Newsome.Org on that list.  It is an honor to be included. even if I am number 12, just like Justin and Britney.  Also, many thanks to Steve Spalding for including me on this list.

Tris Hussey on moving beyond blogging to community: “So if you’re wondering why no one is reading your blog, or linking, or commenting… step out, find other blogs in your niche.  Read them, leave a comment or three, start a conversation, link to them, send an e-mail, just start that friendship building process and the rest will follow.”  Good advice.  Here’s some more good conversation advice from Penelope Trunk.

Someone please (really) explain to me how Ning is worth $214M.  If you follow the money in Web 2.0, where does it go?  In other words, who is pushing all the product that is actually getting sold as a result of all the ads that are served by all these web sites?  Or are we just moving money around like furniture…

Tom Morris has moved his blog to Tommorris.org.

I outsmarted them this time- I never watched a second of Traveler.

Chris Brogan explains that Twitter is the Matrix.

Groundhog Feed: this post from Jake Ludington has appeared in my reader as a new post almost every day since he wrote it.  I don’t think he’s tweaking it like a manuscript, so there must be some higher force at work.  There are several other feeds gone wild in my reader doing more or less the same thing.  Is this just a Bloglines problem?

Paul Lester has written the blogosphere equivalent of Free Bird.  I’m dead serious- that is one beautiful post.

Paging William Meloney.  I want to subscribe to your feed, but auto-discovery doesn’t work and the feed link at the bottom returns only some old posts.  What is your feed URL?  And why isn’t it at the top of your excellent blog?

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