Evening Reading: 5/18/07

Dave Wallace has some good ideas for blog promotion.

Tutorial Blog has a list of free Photoshop plugins.  roScripts has some nifty Photoshop resources.

Download Squad on my blogging buddy, Guy Kawasaki‘s Truemors.  Guess what: “[J]ust a few hours after the site went live, it was filled with spam.”  I told you so.

More Moore.  Earl’s son Aaron is blogging with him.  That is very cool.  Here’s Aaron’s post on Unsanity’s Shapeshifter: “Back in the days before I ever thought I would be using a Mac as my only computer, I did everything I could to make Windows something different.”  I’m a Windows guy, but I totally get that.

Am I the only one who is overwhelmed by the number of posts at Engadget?  I can’t help but think a ton of those posts get blown off or skimmed due to the huge volume.

I am depressed by the thought of Google buying Feedburner.

Hugh MacLeod has 15 new blogcard designs available.  Hey Hugh, I’ll pay you $50 out of my promotion budget for a Newsome.Org card.  It doesn’t even have to be flattering.

Kevin Tofel has pictures of the Dell Tablet PC.

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