Farewell Windows Live OneCare, Hello Kaspersky

My dislike of the once great Norton Antivirus has been well documented.  I have lately been on a quest for a simple, effective, non-intrusive antivirus program that doesn’t slow my computer to a crawl or try to operate it for me.

I don’t need a program to tune up my computer.  I don’t need a hundred pop-up alerts every time I log on.  Unless the black plague is running rampant on my hard drive, I don’t want to see anything related to my antivirus program.

When I ditched Norton, I tried the absurdly named Windows Live OneCare.  At first, I liked it, but that was the Norton effect.  After Norton, anything feels wonderful.  Over time, however, I came to realize that Windows Live OneCare was slowly taking over my computer.  Again, I don’t want a frickin’ computer tune up.  Not now.  Not ever.

So last night, I uninstalled Windows Live OneCare.  And resumed my search for the holy grail of antivirus programs.

Next up is Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0.  I’ve read good things about it.  So let’s install it and see what’s what.

It was easy to purchase.  Paypal payments are accepted, which is a plus for me.  The download file is around 19 megabytes.  Installation took a couple of minutes and seemed crisp and efficient.  By the time it was done, I had received an email with my license key.  Everything was activated and up and running within minutes.  So far, so good.

Time to restart my computer.

I noticed no delay in my boot up.  This is not telling, however, as FileBack PC, a great back up application, takes forever to load (note to FileBack developers- please figure out how to make the program load silently in the background, without stalling the PC).

Kaspersky ran a start up scan, which took a couple of minutes.  It was pretty unintrusive and didn’t stall my PC.  A full scan took 11 hours (I have a lot of files and an external backup drive, so most stuff was scanned twice).  The application ran relatively unobtrusively in the background.  It reported and neutralized several infected emails, mostly trojans, that Windows Live OneCare did not find.  In fairness, that may be because for the past few weeks I have been waging a computer turf war with Windows Live OneCare, hammering the “x” every time it launched an assault against my computer turf.

One thing I like about Kaspersky is that when you tell it to stop, it stops.  No pop-ups or warnings.

It’s too early to tell if Kaspersky is my holy grail.

So far, I’m optimistic.  Time will tell.