Pre-Owned Cars, Unrequested Fission Surplus and Digital Consumer Enablement

They started calling used cars pre-owned cars as a marketing ploy to make people feel better about buying a used vehicle.  I’m not sure why people needed to feel better about it, but apparently they did.

And I just know I’ll feel a lot better about DRM infested songs if we start calling it Digital Consumer Enablement, or DCE.  I had to check to make sure I wasn’t at The Onion, when I read this nugget:

Speaking at a panel session at the NCTA show in Las Vegas Tuesday, Zitter [HBO’s Chief Technology Officer] suggested that “DCE,” or Digital Consumer Enablement, would more accurately describe technology that allows consumers “to use content in ways they haven’t before,” such as enjoying TV shows and movies on portable video players like  iPods.

No need to worry about all the problems, technological and philosophical, that DRM causes.  Let’s just give it a pretty name and everything will be all right.

As Joey deVilla points out, Mr. Burns would be proud.

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