Evening Reading: 5/11/07

I like the New Radicals’ You Get What You Give, too.  But Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark may be the most solid record ever made.  There’s not a song on it I would rate less than a 9.5 on a 10 scale.

On a related note, I have started looking to Wikipedia for my album links, simply because AllMusic is not link friendly.  They better change that before they become irrelevant.

I don’t really care who’s on the board of judges for TechCrunch 20, because I don’t really care about TechCrunch 20.  It’s like the WWF.  I know it’s out there, I sometimes come across the participants all pumped up and beating their chests, but it just doesn’t interest me.  Maybe if Wahoo McDaniel was on the board…then I might care.  Or Wonder Mike.  Or Big Bank Hank.

Frank Gruber has discovered a new poll making application.  I’m going to try it out, just because it is called Polldaddy.  I once thought about changing my name to Catdaddy.

[[[UPDATE: My beautiful poll won’t display, so I deleted it.]]]

It probably won’t work in feeds, so here’s the link for those who want to exercise their right to voice their opinion in this very important decision.

@Jackson: Big companies seem to like the Blackberry server best for pushing email.  I have one, but I would much rather have a Treo.  Or two cans and some string.  Or a conch shell.

TDavid has a good writeup on videoblogging.  If it’s harder than podcasting, then I want nooooo part of it.

I don’t understand any of this, but I felt compelled to link to it.

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