Stumbling Around

Mike Miller tagged me in the Next 5 Stumbles Meme.  The idea is to list your next 5 stumbles using StumbleUpon.

One of the biggest spankings I’ve received in the blogosphere was over my failure to pick StumbleUpon as a winner in Round 20 of my Web 2.0 Wars.  I’m still smarting over that one.  But I’ll tell you a little secret- other than to check it out during that round, I’ve never used StumbleUpon.

Until now.  I installed it the day I got tagged and have been using it for the past few days.  I’m not going to say anything that might get me clobbered again in the comments.  Such as, for example, that I like it OK, but don’t love it.  Or that I’ll probably uninstall it in a few days.  No sir.  Not going to say anything like that.

What I’m going to do is list my 5 stumbles and then tag some people.

My Stumbles:

1. The Size of Our World.  I didn’t realize that Earth was so much smaller than Jupiter and Saturn.  Some funny astronomer named a star after Beetlejuice.  If I had a star, I’d name it Patrick.  My kids would like that.  I once had a cat named Stevens.  Get it?

2. Pandora.  Man, maybe there’s something to StumbleUpon after all.  I love Pandora.

3. HassleMe.  Because sometimes in life, you just need to be nagged.  I have a team of people who do that for me every day.

4. BugMeNot.  I use this application all the time to avoid having to register with those stupid registration required newspaper sites.  There’s a nifty Firefox extension.

5. Nick Brandt.  Never heard of him before, but I like the photos.  A tad on the artsy side.

And now, I’ll tag the following StumbleUpon fans, who defended it so well in the comments to my prior post:


I need two more.  A quick search for the stumbleupon tag at Technorati mandates (mandates I tell ya) that I tag Gabrielle of the Tech Chick blog.

And last, but not least, Joy, of the Blog of Joy, because she likes StumbleUpon.

I just tagged 5 people, none of whom I know.  I wonder if that’s cool or uncool?

Thanks to Mike for tagging me!

And thanks to Richard for commenting on my last post.

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