XM Passport

Gizmodo has a short post and photo of the forthcoming XM Radio Passport, a tiny portable chip that lets you easily take your satellite radio with you. XM receivers and stereos will soon have a slot that will allow you to pop in the Passport and access your XM account over more than one receiver. Yes, I know you can lug around the Ski-Fi unit and do that now, but the Passport looks small and easy enough to carry and use that someone might actually do it for longer than a week.

I hope the Passport will be a welcome solution to this mobility problem that has required people (like me, for example) to maintain multiple XM accounts just to easily get XM in the car and at home. At one time, I had three accounts, but the headache and cost ultimately lead me to let 2 of them expire- meaning I can only get XM in my truck at this point. Someone at XM is making smart, consumer-friendly decisions that will help XM move from the car to the living room, which is exactly what it needs for long term growth and stability.

This is another example of how XM is making some good strategic decisions. I am starting to think of XM as the anti-TIVO when it comes to strategic planning and execution- and that’s a compliment to XM.

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