Luke Eutsler Newsome

I’ve been a bit out of pocket the past few days. Raina and I went to the hospital early Tuesday morning to have Cassidy and Delaney’s little brother. 32 and a half hours later, on Wednesday January 4, 2006, Luke Eutsler Newsome was born to a very exhausted mother and a very nervous father. He weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz. and was almost 22 inches long.

Luke because it was Raina’s favorite out of all the names we considered.

Eutsler in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Eustler, who have been like a second set of parents to me, particularly after my father died when I was very young. If this little guy can be half the man his namesake is, I will be very proud of him.

Raina and Luke will hopefully get to come home on Saturday. The girls are very excited about their little brother and can’t wait until he gets home.