In Praise of Phil Lee

A friend of mine asked me the other day to name my favorite country song.

At the time I counldn’t really come up with just one. But after thinking about it a while, I know now.

Phil Lee is a guy from the Bull City who has spent time in the Big Apple and behind the wheel of a big rig. He drove a truck for Neil Young at one time and was in The Flying Burrito Brothers for a while.

He has also released two of the best alternative country records I have ever heard, one of which contains the best country song I have ever heard. I’m the Why She’s Gone has everything a song can have: great melody; great arrangement; vocals that sound more classic Billy Joe Shaver than Billy Joe Shaver does; a great title; a great story; and if you listen carefully to the lyrics, an interesting twist.

Next time someone asks me, I’ll know.

If you like music, go buy this record.

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