One More From the List

I was very happy to see this morning that I got another one of the presents on my Christmas List. John Perry Barlow has a new blog entry. Even better, he indicates he will write more blog posts and emails in 2006. That is great news.

Not only is John a brilliant songwriter, the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and one of the most intelligent and interesting (not a terribly common combination) writers I have ever read, he is a really nice guy. When Cassidy was born in 1998 and named after a song John co-wrote, I emailed him, told him about Cassidy and sent him a photo. He wrote Cassidy not one but 3 emails over the next year or so, just checking in to see how she was doing. Those emails will mean as much to Cassidy when she grows up as they do to me now.

I hope to read a lot of John’s writing in 2006. Welcome back, my friend!

The final count on my list seems to be 9 out of 10 (never made it on Dwight Silverman‘s blogroll). I’ll take those numbers any time. Especially if one of the 9 is more posts at BarlowFriendz.

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