ScobleFeeds A-Z: The L’s

This is part twelve of my A-Z review of Scoble‘s feeds. The rules and criteria are here.

Some good stuff in this group, so we have another tie:

Leave It Behind > Brian Bailey (RSS Feed)

The Long Tail
(RSS Feed)

Leave It Behind > Brian Bailey is a blog about “blogging, web development and fatherhood.” It’s a really good mix of tech, family stuff and other interesting topics.

The Long Tail started at a disadvantage when I saw the name because that phrase annoys me the way Web 2.0 does, but once I read the blog, I simply could not believe how much great information was there. Take this for example. Or this. This blog could be named Pre-Owned Cars and it would still make my list.

Honorable Mention:

Longhorn Blogs (RSS Feed)

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