TIVO Deathwatch: Flatlining?

nailcoffinI saw a note at PVR Wire that Jim Cramer, who I generally like, has said that he believes TIVO’s stock price will “flatline now.” While this should not be surprising to anyone who has watched DirecTV abandon TIVO and TIVO flail around wildly looking for a lifeline, it’s another sign that TIVO continues its march to the edge of the cliff.

TIVO has been forced to align itself with the cable companies who probably view this as a way to entice some current satellite users back to cable. This may keep TIVO alive for a while, until the cable companies either abandon TIVO and develop their own, probably inferior, box or wait for TIVO to be teetering on the edge of the cliff and buy it cheaply.

Someone will buy TIVO at some point, the only question is when and for how much.

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