Dem Good Feeds

It’s hard to promote your blog to the right people without seeming pushy or arrogant. More on that later, as my year-long 2006 project gets firmed up, named and announced here.

But it’s also pretty hard to find good blogs to read. I am constantly looking for interesting and informative blogs to read. I have about 20 in my Onfolio feedlist, and I’d love to have about 30 more, as I once again reconsider my prior position and find that I get the large majority of my web content via newsreaders.

Lucky for all of us, Scoble has updated his blogroll. He posted his OMPL file which will allow you to import his feeds into your newsreader. I want to keep my Onfolio list smaller, so I imported Scoble’s entire list into my Bloglines account. Now I have a ton of feeds to review at my leisure and I can import the ones I really like into my permanent Onfolio list.

As I go through the list, I’ll post notes about the ones I like the most.

The fact that A-Listers like Scoble are out looking for new blogs to read is encouraging. The fact that he has compiled a list of feeds is also encouraging. More chances to get read and more chances to read.

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