Tech Tips for Tweeners: Buying a Tablet PC


One of the primary purposes of Newsome.Org is to introduce and explain computer-related programs and features to other in-betweeners like me- people who are the parents of our children to whom computers and the internet are as integral as the telephone and the children of our parents who will never fully embrace technology.

I’ve posted before about my transition to a Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC and how much I like it. My conclusion is that a convertible Tablet PC will do virtually everything a traditional laptop will do, so why not chose one that does both- like the excellent Thinkpad X41.

JKOnTheRun posted an excellent Tablet PC buying guide the other day. There are various types of Tablet PCs available and his post does a great job of helping you decide which one is right for you.

My Tablet PC selection came down to a couple of decisions:

1) Convertible vs Slate. For me having a keyboard is simply a must. I tried it the other way, and it was just too hard to be really productive on the road. The one without the keyboard is great for checking email by the pool, but was not good for writing or editing documents.

2) Weight vs Extras. This was harder for me, as I am not bothered by a few more pounds if I can get extras like a DVD burner, more ports, etc. I ultimately chose the X41 (lighter with no DVD drive) because a lot of my work on the road is done in airplanes and the X41 is the perfect size and weight for easy airplane use.

I chose a lighter, convertible model, for the reasons stated above. But before you run off and buy one read and consider the issues and tips in JK’s post.

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