ScobleFeeds A-Z: A Couple of A’s

I mentioned yesterday that Scoble has updated his blogroll, and that I was looking forward to mining it for new blogs to read.

I have decided to A-Z it sort of like I am doing with my songs on the Err Bear Music page. Once or twice a week I’ll post my favorite feed from a letter of the alphabet. There may be ties and there may be some letters with no selection.

A couple of rules:

1) I am going to skip all blogs with names that begin with a “.” the same way I skip all the aaa whatevers in the Yellow Pages.

2) I am looking for blogs that interest me, and I am not interested in all things. I am not a coder (anymore), I don’t use Linux (anymore) and I care nada about politics and cellphones. I like personal tech, music and a bunch of other stuff. Accordingly, there will be some great blogs I skip over solely because of the subject matter and some lesser known blogs I select for the same reason.

3) If I already read a blog daily, it is ineligible, though it will get an honorable mention inclusion. This is about mining new blogs.

4) My descriptions of the blog will be intentionally short. You can learn more by subscribing to the feed than you can by reading what I think about it.

So without no further adieu, the A pick(s).

There are lots and lots of A’s so we’re going to start out with a tie:

A blog doesn’t need a clever name (RSS feed)

Ask Dave Taylor! (RSS feed)

A blog doesn’t need a clever name covers a lot of stuff: tech, music, politics, etc. I’m not interested in all of it, but even the stuff I don’t care about is packaged in a way that makes it readable. I think I will learn some stuff I don’t know here, as well as more about stuff I do know.

Ask Dave Taylor! is exactly the kind of blog my ‘Tweeners should read. He answers questions about tech stuff in a way that’s easy to understand. I’m going to refer a lot of my 40 something friends to this site as a way to begin the journey from luddite to geek.

Honorable Mention:

A VC (RSS Feed) (ineligible because I’ve read Fred’s excellent blog for a long time and this is a blog mining experiment).

A Welsh View (RSS Feed) (for the same reason)

Addicted to Digital Media (RSS Feed)

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