Podcast at Last

After I crapped all over podcasting, I went and tried to make one.

Here is the very alpha version of my first KentCast. This is just 5 songs that happened to be in my Playing Now window when I hit the button.

I’ll post more later, but I believe the combination of the soon to be released version of Media Center, which I have used for years as my primary music player and highly recommend, and King Sparta’s Podcast Creator Plug-In may just be the tools needed to make podcasting easy enough to be useful.

We still have the elephant in the room, and I’ll take this podcast down after I test it in favor of some other stuff that I might actually have the right to podcast. But at least I can now create a podcast with a push of a button. Now if I can just find something I can legally podcast that anyone would want to listen to.

UPDATE: I tested and deleted that podcast and replaced it with the beta version of the now renamed RanchoCast.

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