10 Must Have Gadgets

And I own nary a one.

top10I think of myself as a gadget hound, but maybe old age is catching up with me. C|Net has a list of the Top 10 Must Have Gadgets, and I don’t own any of them. Recall that I own or used to own 7 out of their 10 Best Products of the Past 10 Years.

Here are C|Net’s current top 10 gadgets and why I don’t own them:

1) Sony Play Station Portable: I’m over computer games (with the lurking exception of Civilization IV). Plus I have 2 kids who don’t know video games exist and I want to keep it that way.

2) Apple iPod: I don’t have many occasions to use a portable MP3 player. If I did, I’d certainly consider an iPod.

3) Sling Box: If I knew it would work flawlessly with my soon to be obsolete TIVO and whatever subsequent box DirecTV forces on me, I’d think about it. But I just don’t have many occasions to want to watch my TV from somewhere else.

4) Sony Ericsson W800i: If I don’t want a portable MP3 player, I certainly don’t want an MP3 phone.

5) Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513: I’m very happy with my Thinkpad Tablet.

6) Archos Gmini 402: A fancier MP3 player that also does photos. Looks neat, but I’d never use it.

7) Nokia N9: I’m not even sure what this is, but I’m certain I’d never use all of its fancy features.

8) PalmOne Treo 650: I wish my firm would switch to these, but they gave me a Blackberry and a Blackberry I shall use.

9) Motorola Razr V3: Another fancy cell phone. Again, I use a Blackberry and if I could change it would be to a Treo.

10) Logitech Harmony 880: I may own one of these one day. I have been a long and loyal user of the MX-800, but the more I read about the Harmony, the more interested I become.

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